Mobile Application

for Step Up

The solution for the app it to offer an innovative and engaging platform for medical students in order to enhance their medical knowledge and critical thinking skills. The app aims to provide an extensive question bank and interactive learning modules to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience, all while ensuring students remain motivated and engaged through gamified elements.


Mobile Application


Step Up

Problem Statement

The rigorous and exhaustive nature of medical education often results in students feeling overwhelmed and disengaged. Traditional learning methods, while essential, lack the interactive and engaging components necessary to maintain students’ attention and enthusiasm. As a result, there’s a pressing need for an educational platform that not only covers the vast expanse of medical knowledge but also does so in a manner that captivates the students.

Possible Solution

Introducing Step Up, an innovative app designed with the modern medical student in mind & to revolutionize the way they perceive and approach their studies.. Step Up blends the seriousness of medical education with the fun and engagement of gamified learning. By incorporating a comprehensive question bank with interactive features, we provide players with an opportunity to create a customized quiz sections and rewards for correct answers in quizzes. Step Up ensures students are always intrigued, challenged, and motivated.

Key Features

User Flow

The user flow has been kept deliberately straightforward to enable the app’s user to complete their intended action with a minimum of switching.

Create a block

This feature of Step-up allows users to create block from a wide array of topics while filtering out unrelated subjects. It ensures a focused approach, helping users maintain relevance and clarity in their preparation.

UI Design

The app’s Interface is purposefully made to be user-friendly and easy to use.

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