Mobile Application

for AI Foods

AI Foods, a leading food delivery app, the aim was to elevate the user experience by not only enabling users to effortlessly locate and order high-quality dishes from renowned restaurants but also to facilitate easy table reservations. A further aspiration was to refine the user interface to be not only convenient but also engaging, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable app journey.


Mobile Application, UI Design


AI Foods

Problem Statement

While AI Foods was recognized as a prominent food delivery platform, there were opportunities to heighten its utility and user engagement. Users sought a more intuitive interface that went beyond mere convenience, desiring a visually appealing and interactive experience. Additionally, the seamless integration of table reservation capabilities was a pressing need, to offer a comprehensive dining solution.

Possible Solution

To address the identified gaps, we undertook a holistic redesign of the AI Foods application. By incorporating modern UI/UX principles, we transformed the platform into a visually engaging space, enhancing user interactivity and overall app navigation. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrated a feature allowing users to reserve tables at their preferred restaurants, making AI Foods a one-stop solution for both home dining and dine-out experiences.

Key Features

User Flow

AI Foods provides an intuitive flow, seamlessly guiding users from food discovery to order or reservation, prioritizing efficiency and user convenience.

Integrated Reservation System

Users can effortlessly book tables at their favorite dining spots, transforming the app into a holistic dining solution.

Utilizing geolocation, the app instantly displays top-rated restaurants in proximity to the user, facilitating a quicker food selection process.

UI Design

The AI Foods app welcomes users with an intuitive and clutter-free interface, ensuring swift navigation. Its design prioritizes user ease, making food discovery and table reservations a seamless experience.

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