Mobile Application

for Optimized Strength

The objective was to devise a daily assistant tailored to guide individuals on their unique fitness journeys. The aim was to seamlessly integrate features that would not only track but also enhance a user's workout experience, ensuring every fitness enthusiast had the tools
to achieve their desired outcomes.


Mobile Application, UI Design


Optimized Strength

Problem Statement

In the expansive world of fitness, while many are motivated to start, the absence of a consolidated, intuitive, and personalized tool often results in lackluster adherence and unsatisfactory progress. Individuals require a singular platform that not only logs daily fitness stats but also provides curated training regimens, a comprehensive exercise library, and tools to monitor their physiological changes. The challenge was bridging this gap: transforming raw motivation into consistent, effective action.

Possible Solution

Enter the “Optimized Strength” app. At its core, this application was engineered to be the ultimate workout tracker. Starting with the creation of a detailed profile, users could input and monitor daily stats, charting their progress over time. The app’s customizable training modules ensured that every individual had a regimen tailored to their specific needs and goals. A vast library of exercises, equipped with detailed instructions, ensured users were performing movements correctly, reducing the risk of injury and maximizing gains. Additionally, the measurements feature allowed users to monitor their physical evolution, providing tangible evidence of their hard work and dedication. In essence, “Optimized Strength” became the linchpin for effective, informed, and inspired workouts.

On boarding

As users initiate their journey, they’re guided through a series of prompts to input specific data—ranging from age and weight to targeted fitness objectives. This foundational data enables the app to generate tailored recommendations, ensuring that each user is aligned with a fitness path best suited to their goals.


Expertly designed with the user’s journey in mind, the dashboard streamlines the fitness process, empowering individuals with the knowledge and motivation needed to consistently chase and achieve their goals. At a glance, users can access their holistic stats, track recent activities, and review past workouts.


This feature offers a customized workout experience tailored to each user’s needs. Drawing from the extensive exercise library, users can handpick multiple exercises, define sets, and curate sessions tailored to their needs. For added convenience, exercises come pre-populated with information on sets, weights, and reps based on prior workouts, ensuring continuity and progression in one’s fitness journey.

Exercise Details

Users can delve into specific exercises to discover in-depth descriptions, the equipment required, and the primary muscle groups targeted. Furthermore, a personalized touch is added with an integrated history function, allowing users to track their progression over time. Accompanied by intuitive charts, this feature visualizes one’s growth, offering both motivation and clarity.

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