Population Health

for IntraCare

The aim was to create a Value-Based Care platform that combines data on clinical quality, risk adjustment, medical costs, and utilization in an easy-to-use data center.


Web Application



Problem Statement

With the evolving dynamics of healthcare, there was a distinct need for a system that could efficiently merge various strands of healthcare data. The absence of a unified platform that could offer actionable insights from the confluence of clinical quality, risk metrics, medical costs, and utilization data created a gap in optimizing value-based care practices.

Possible Solution

To fill this void, we crafted the Population Health Management application for IntraCare. This state-of-the-art platform not only amalgamates multifaceted healthcare data but also harnesses powerful analytics to pinpoint actionable opportunities. By presenting complex datasets in an easily digestible format, healthcare professionals can now derive invaluable insights to enhance value-based care delivery, driving both clinical excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

We’ve designed a platform that simplifies the process of data analysis for healthcare providers and offers a number of essential features to improve the provision of healthcare services.

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